Social media isn't bad by itself; the way we use it and the reasons why we use it are often bad. If we want to make changes to social media we have to change our attitudes and the way we use it. Unfortunately I really don't think I'm mature enough to do so.

The Toxicity of Twitter and Social Media
As you can see, you should probably avoid FB.

I'm spending too much time on social media, I don't want to read about people who constantly crave attention anymore... it's like in real life, I like who I am, but on social media, I can't stand clout-chasers, often just like myself... I don't hate who I am offline, but I login to Twitter and boom, I don't like anyone there or myself.

I'm tired of seeing the same topics and dramatic nonsense over and over. Social media isn't bringing any value to my life for the most part because I'm using it wrong. I don't enjoy social media any more, and it's kinda weird because I wonder if I ever truly did.

Sadly, I've thought about deleting my Twitter. I've given a lot of thought in deleting my Twitter account; I joined Twitter and made videos about how much I disliked it and how I didn't get it... but I followed the trend and joined anyway... I think it's safe to say, my life would be WAY better had I stopped using Twitter after I met the close friends in my life.

I'm getting so tired of the constant struggle all around social media.I realize that something is wrong with me. I mean, who in their right mind would delete one of the most prominent social media sites on the web, when you literally profit from attention? It's a tool that I use to build a brand, to reach massive audiences and to do something really meaningful for people who need help... but you can't help anyone if you drive yourself insane right?

As I grow I hope my mental health will improve, but it's not so simple as just saying it, it takes time... and becuase social media is addictive, it can be a real battle. I think for my health, I'm just going to use Twitter and social media in general for simple things, like hobbies and fun... but we'll see how that goes... not sure if that dream will last.

If I'm distant, it's probably because i'm moreso interacting with people on my discord. If you want to join, it's adults only, you can check it out here: - Thanks for reading guys, stay healthy.