So recently there was an article reflecting on some statements Matthew McConaughey made about an election... specifically the 2016 election when Democrats were mad that Trump "won" and Hillary "lost".

Matthew decided to imply that Democrats are being hypocritical making fun of conservatives being upset about the election results in 2020, because the Democrats were also outraged by the election results in 2016, so I just want, y'all, to do some number stuff.

On record, like official votes cast in 2016:

Hillary: 65,853,514

Ok, so if you know how to read numbers gooder, you know that 65 million is bigger than 62 million, and that means more Americans voted for Hillary than they did for Trump... yet Trump still "won" because of an antiquated system that puts more value on LANDMASS than it does HUMAN LIVES.

Super super stupid and democrats SHOULD have been upset because PEOPLE are more important that ACREAGE - yet for some reason, someone voting in California has less voting power than someone from many other states and that is pretty much absolutely insane. People matter, equally.

Now, cut to the 2020 election, let's look at more numbers:


Cool! Ok, so as you can see, this time around Democrats won not only the ACTUAL VOTE which is the majority of Americans voting for him, but he also one the "HEY DARE, WE DONE GOT DIS HERE PROPERTY AND THAT MEANS CUZ WE FROM DIS MIDDLE NOWHERE STATE WE GOT MORE VOTIN POWER" electoral college vote.

So long story short, no Matthew McConaughey, Democrats are not being hypocrites, they are simply understanding that in both elections more Americans voted Democrat than Republican, yet the literally "rigged" system, put it's finger on the scale in favor of Republicans, not the other way around.

1 person, 1 vote. It's common sense and it's what America would be if we actually believed all men are created equal and deserved equal voting power.